Breeding Season
We are just a few days away from the beginning of breeding season at Seco Creek Farm. This is always an exciting time! My thoughts are full of dreams of superstar kids. We have been keeping track of the does' estrus cycles for a couple of months so that we can move them in with the appropriate buck when the time is right. If everything goes as planned, Emma, Tamryn, Agnes, Bandera, and Sandy will have kids in February. Most of our junior does, Concan, Coy, Coconut Pie, Sylvia, and Terese will be bred in November for April kids. Thirty days after we think they have bred, we will take a blood sample from each doe, label it, and send it off to a lab for pregnancy testing. Within a week of taking the sample we have our results!

Speaking of breeding...I will be taking an articicial insemination (AI) class in the middle of September. I have also acquired a semen tank! So, it looks like I will be trying my hand at AI. Now all I need to do is by some equipment and start shopping for semen.

(one of our bucks: Alamo)